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Calcium hydrogen phosphate

Key word:Calcium hydrogen phosphate
Product Name: 18% dicalcium phosphate (feed grade)
English name: Dicalcium phosphate
Chemical formula: CaHPO4 2H20
skills requirement:
Project internal control indicators
Total phosphorus (P) content% ≥18.0
Calcium (Ca) content% ≥23.0
The content of fluorine (F) is less than or equal to 0.18
Arsenic (As) content% ≤ 0.003
Heavy metals (Pb) content% ≤ 0.003
Fineness (over 10-60 mesh test sieve)% ≥ 95
Product standard feed grade: GB / T22549-2008
* Note: Customers can customize the indicators.
It is widely used to improve the breeding rate, survival rate and survival rate of livestock and poultry. It can enhance the resistance of livestock and poultry to disease resistance. It can prevent livestock and poultry cartilage disease, paralysis syndrome, white diarrhea disease and prevent pig, Chicken pica; to promote long-term production and improve egg production; prevention of soft shell disease; to prevent livestock lactation, improve milk yield and quality.

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